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Send mygofer on a Back To School Trip

My mygofer purchase

Back to School time is quickly approaching. I can’t believe that Eva will be back in school and going 5 days a week in less than a month. While she is still in pre-k she doesn’t have an extensive list of things that she needs for Back to School. I received a $25 credit to my mygofer account to do some Back to School shopping using their service. I placed my order on Wednesday but not on my computer but rather I made the purchase using the mygofer app on my iPhone. I had planned on using my computer to make the purchase but time got away from me and I still had to get this order together and get to KMart for this review. So really, this was a perfect review for a guy who was busy and on the go and trying to take care of multiple things at one time.

mygofer app.

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Let @mygofer get it for you


Last month I took a quick last minute trip to Chicago to learn about Shop Your Way other Sears and Kmart initiatives and also mygofer.com. Mygofer.com is a site that let you shop at your local Kmart for anything that you need. You can make a list of food, clothes, even electronics and outdoor products and order them online to have them delivered (in certain areas) or ready for pickup inside the store or curbside. We’ve used the service twice so far and it has gone very well. Let me tell you about our two uses of the service. Continue reading Let @mygofer get it for you