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King Richard’s Faire Was Cancelled. What Did We Do?

LEGO Dimensions Time
Photo-A-Day #4163

For the first time ever, in our experience, King Richard’s Faire got cancelled on a day that we were planning to go. With the possibility of high winds and rain the Faire was cancelled for today. Unfortunately for me, it was pretty much the only day I could go. I hope to get there with the family at some point this year, but we’ll see.

So, instead we started the day with breakfast over at Bliss Bros. Dairy. I knew the kids would be disappointed that we weren’t going, so a fun breakfast out might ease the disappointment. The kids were good and they had a nice time. They were very well behaved, too.

We got home and Eva dug out her Drabbit that she won last year at the Faire. Andrew wanted his, too and I got it for him. They then played with them for a while and it made them feel better about missing the Faire.

I also let them open LEGO Dimensions fun packs and play the game with me. Andrew opened Superman and Eva opened Unikitty. We’re enjoying this game more and more.

I got some outdoor work done including cutting back the Wisteria, mowing the lawn and more.

In today’s vlog I mention my friend, Justin Connors. He had a photo of his go viral and I wanted to help spread the word. So check it out and check out his vlog at https://www.youtube.com/user/Lifein140.