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Today Was A Good Day

Watching Kamala Harris
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00677

After days of refreshing my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds looking to see if the numbers will go up and we will get a declaration of a winner in the Presidential race it has finally been called. I do not make political posts on this blog. I keep my political leanings to myself for the most part. However, today was a historic day and a good day because character and decency won the day.

I had been sleeping from the previous night’s work and was waking up a little around 1:30pm. I heard Eva shout the name of Joe Biden from her room. Then Allison came in to tell me the good news. The election had been called and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had won. Well, I was done sleeping for the day. I tried to go back to sleep but kept scrolling through Twitter to see the joy from people that had kept me sane from the start of the pandemic. I think the one thing that stood out for me most clearly was a clip from Van Jones of CNN. I’ve never heard of him before today but what he says in this clip really got me. Character Matters.

This clip was so important that I shared it with the whole family at dinner. We talked about how character and integrity are important traits and those are what won today. We talked about how our karate school, America’s Best Defense is all about instilling character.

Later on this evening I received a message that the Austin PBS station was going live and so I tuned in and there was the victory speeches from Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. I called Eva in to my office and we watched this together. Eva is already forming her own opinions and has her own causes that she champions. To be able to be with her in that moment where she sees the first woman Vice-President was so important. Eva was nodding along to the speech and was equally engrossed when Joe Biden took the stage. His speech was something that we could be proud of and happy that Eva saw. Both speeches were so important. It was a good day.

Exercising Our Right to Vote

Photo-A-Day #2769

The family went to vote today. Eva has been very interested in the election. I think it was seeing all of the political ads. She was quoting them, too. One day she asked if we could do our own vote so Allison printed out some blank ballots so that we could do our own family vote. Then we went to vote after Eva’s school was out and when we got home we did another mock vote. I love that she is so interested in the political process. I don;t know how it is possible because neither Allison nor I talk politics at all. Ever.