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Exercising Our Right to Vote

Photo-A-Day #2769

The family went to vote today. Eva has been very interested in the election. I think it was seeing all of the political ads. She was quoting them, too. One day she asked if we could do our own vote so Allison printed out some blank ballots so that we could do our own family vote. Then we went to vote after Eva’s school was out and when we got home we did another mock vote. I love that she is so interested in the political process. I don;t know how it is possible because neither Allison nor I talk politics at all. Ever.

Super Bowl Dreams…

I am in a competition to get a role in a Super Bowl ad from the guys at MyBowlAd.com and FuelMyBlog. The contest will begin shortly and you have the opportunity to send me to LA to be part of a Super Bowl Ad. And you can help by linking to this post and talking about the contest to your readers. And of course you can vote for me. But why should you vote for me.

I grew up in a “Football Factory” town. It is a town where one a young boy outgrows a pacifier he is fitted for a mouth guard, Huggies are traded in hip pads and the time comes to take the field. You you could say that football is very important to my town.

As a kid I did not play football. I played soccer until I saw another kid take a soccer ball right to the face so hard that it sent him ass over teakettle onto the ground face first. He actually flipped in the air from the power of that kick. Okay, I tried out little league baseball. I played that for quite a few years with many of my good friends. I was always in the outfield probably because I could throw the ball hard and far. They tried me at pitcher and I ended up beaning one of my good friends on the first pitch. He had baseball stitching imprints on his face for a couple of hours. I went back to the outfield in deep, deep, deep roving right field.

Maybe basketball would be my game. I was certainly taller than all the other kids. I reached my full height in sixth grade. It was impressive then but in high school my friends all caught up to and surpassed my height. In basketball I fouled out almost every game. It wasn’t my fault. I was big and slow. But I could take out opponents like nobody’s business. There was one game where I was just standing there and an opposing player ran right into my knee, which happened to be at the height of his crotch. He was carried off in a stretcher. That same game I flipped a kid into the wall as he went in for a layup. Second stretcher. Ironically that was the one game that I didn’t foul out in.

Okay so I’ve established that sports are not my thing. So, in High School I was in drama and acted in plays. I no longer participated in sports. And so the natural thing for an uncoordinated non athletic guy to do was to Go out for the football team. In my Senior Year no less!

I was the only Senior on JV and I was confused most of the time. But I went to every practice, every double session and I performed my duties as a member of the team with pride. I would be a red shirt and help the first stringers practice drills, mostly by getting tossed on my back over and over again. But I got back up and got back on the line.

This lesson taught me two things, first that I needed to try again and again and not give up, and second, “I suck at sports”. But I know that and accept it. However,it didn’t stop my from trying. The picture below sums up my Football career.

My Football Career

Yep I was the “Water Boy”.

Playing football gave me a greater appreciation for the game and I started making sure I would watch the Super Bowl each year, it was fun and exciting and I knew what was going on in the game. But the thing about the Super Bowl for me was always the Super Bowl Ads. They were always the best ads to watch. Never, throughout the year were the ads any better. It wasn’t until later on that I learned how much having an ad in the Super Bowl cost.

I figure with my ability to market T-Shirts, I mean look at this, I do wear a mean T-Shirt

Part Time Ninja

Or Two

Dry T-Shirt Contest Winner

I would be an asset to the production team for MyBowlAd.com. I could also run around very quickly with water to help everyone stay properly hydrated through grueling filming. I’ve had the training now put me in coach, I’m ready to be in a Super Bowl Ad.