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Get There in Style with the Kia Sorento Navigation System

When we drove from Boynton Beach, Florida to Orlando, Florida we used the Navigation system in the Kia Sorento EX. But this system is much more than just navigation. The system helps you find places that are close to you like Restaurants, Hotels, ATMS, Gas Stations and more. It will also show you what services are available at upcoming exits. It will tell you what is ahead and how far s you can plan out pit stops. That is very helpful when you have a child that needs to heed the call or nature or one who is screaming bloody murder. The display is large and you can use it to access your bluetooth devices like phones and music players. We played a bunch of podcasts and also played with the Sirus Satellite radio. I set up my own account to save locations that we would use frequently and also paired my phone to the bluetooth so that I could make calls and receive calls hands free. After using this for a few days, I wonder how we are living without such features in our own cars.

Disclosure: The Kia Sorento EX was provided to us. Opinions about the Vehicle are 100% our own.

And We Turn Around and go Back Again

Photo-A-Day #2568

This morning we prepared to leave the condo. We washed the sheets and got the recycling and trash all together to clean up. When we were close to ready we drove into Orlando to visit our friends at IZEA. When I first started blogging Allison told me all about IZEA. They were a company that paid bloggers to post and they were actually called PayPerPost at that time. I worked a lot with IZEA for a few years and was even an ambassador for their SocialSpark service. I became friends with company CEO, Ted Murphy and many people who worked at IZEA. So, when I knew we were going to be in Orlando I tweeted to them and we were invited to come for a visit and for breakfast. Continue reading And We Turn Around and go Back Again