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Review: iLearn ‘N’ Play Learning Tablet and Letterbox App

Eva writing her letters with the iLearn Learning Tablet

At our house learning is very important. With Eva we started talking to her in full sentences almost right away. We hardly did any baby talk with her and she has since grown to a five year old with the vocabulary and understanding of that vocabulary of a 10 year old (at least). Our iPads have never been off limits to her and have always been used as tools for helping her become more educated, with some fun and games as well. When I was offered the chance to review the iLearn ‘N’ Play Learning Tablet I didn’t jump at it at first. The device was a case that had a kid friendly stylus and an app called Letterbox. The thing that changed my mind was the app. Eva will be attending a school where she will be learning not only to write standard letters but also cursive writing. This app helps kids learn how to write both. I hadn’t found a good app for that yet so that is why I decided to take this review. Continue reading Review: iLearn ‘N’ Play Learning Tablet and Letterbox App

App Review: Monsters, Inc Digital Storybook

Monsters Inc Storybook Deluxe

With Monsters, Inc re-released and the upcoming release of Monsters University it is nice that an app has been released so that kids can become reacquainted with Mike, Sully and Boo or meet them for the first time. The app is another one in the line of Disney’s Storybook Deluxe apps that come with a rich story that is nicely illustrated and narrated along with extras like games and more. This app is a nice addition to the line and comes with activities unique to Monsters, Inc. Continue reading App Review: Monsters, Inc Digital Storybook