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Look Who is Six Months Old

Photo-A-Day #2601

Little Roo is half a year old today. Wow, that time has flown by. Seeing him grow and change and come into his own little personality has been wonderful. He’s such a happy little guy. He makes kissing noises now and he gets crazy excited when Eva is around. He claps his little chubba legs and squeals and laughs at her antics and she’s such a little performer. I love how much these two kiddos love each other.

We have two sets of stickers for commemorating each month that Andrew gets older. Our sister-in-law, Sarah gave us the necktie one and Slick Sugar gave us the Belly Banter Stickers. I love those Belly Banter stickers because they are so colorful and fun plus there are a ton of sets that you can get to commemorate tons of events. We have a holiday set and unfortunately missed using the Mother’s Day sticker. Next year? Maybe?

Disclosure: I was given Belly Banter Stickers to use to capture milestones for Andrew. The opinions about them are 100% my own.