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Spreading #SearsRealCheer Through the Lights on our House with #CBias

Christmas Lights are not only fun and enjoyable for your own family but also for the people around you. In our old neighborhood there were many homes that decorated for Christmas. There was one house that had a full scene of Charlie Brown’s Christmas. It was always nice to go and see that house each Christmas and if it had snowed, then all the better. I was happy to be able to get some lights for decorating at Sears this Christmas. I thought that we were not going to do any decorating this year because we had just moved and so had no lights or anything else to decorate our home. Continue reading Spreading #SearsRealCheer Through the Lights on our House with #CBias

Lighting up the House with #SearsRealCheer

Photo-A-Day #2441

Yesterday Allison, Eva and I went to the Emerald Square Mall. I was there to go to Sears to do a shopping mission for Collective Bias. My mission was to go to Sears for outdoor lighting and purchase some lights for my home. This was a great mission for me because we just moved to a new home in August. This is our first house and we don’t have any outdoor decorations. I wasn’t sure what to get so I checked out the Sears site for inspiration. There were so many different kinds of lights to choose from but I still needed some help. Continue reading Lighting up the House with #SearsRealCheer