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Disney’s Secret of the Wings Blu-ray Review

Tinkerbell and the Secret of the Wings Blu-rayTinker Bell and her friends return to the movies with the first full length Tinker Bell movie in two years, Secret of the Wings. Eva and I got to go see this in the movie theater in a sneak peek a week before it was released on Blu-ray/DVD. The movie was wonderful. I have to admit that I’m a big time Tinker Bell fan starting with her first feature movie. That one was smart and funny and a great addition to the Disney family of movies. Each movie after that one has gotten better and better with new characters and adventures. This time around it is a whole new cast of supporting characters from the mysterious Winter Woods.

The Winter Woods is where the Winter Fairies live and the other fairies of Pixie Hollow are not allowed to go to the Winter Woods. Of course, our curious and willful Tinker Bell defies the rule and enters the Winter Woods. There she discovers an incredible secret, the Secret of the Wings.

The DVD/Blu-Ray Combo pack that I reviewed came with a 3D Blu-ray copy, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download copy. There were some fun bonuses like the half hour special called the Pixie Hollow Games and a very little short called Fright Light starring Cheese and Blaze. There were also two music videos and the movie itself. Eva watched the movie again on the iPad and as a family we watched The Pixie Hollow games and loved it.

We continue to be impressed with the Disney Fairies franchise and even saw a preview for the next Tinker Bell movie coming in 2014. That one also looks to be a fun adventure, Eva was so tickled to see the teaser.

I’ve gotten a ton of cool Winter related stuff to pass on to you about this movie including some videos and downloadable activity sheets. Check them out below. Continue reading Disney’s Secret of the Wings Blu-ray Review

Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings Sneak Peek Clip

Tink and Periwinkle

On October 23rd the first Tinker Bell movie in two years will be released. Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings follows everyone’s favorite Disney fairy as she discovers a secret that will change her life forever. Eva and I watched this clip below together and she was so excited to see a new Tinker Bell movie. We’ve watched every since Tinker Bell movie that has ever come out and Tink has been one of Eva’s favorite fairies too. When we go to Walt Disney World seeing Tink is the best experience of the whole trip. We even went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween one year when I was Peter Pan, Eva was Tink and Allison was Vidia. We met Tink and Eva had the time of her life.

And se is going to totally freak out when we see this movie tomorrow in a sneak peek at a movie theater. I’ll be telling you all about it tomorrow.