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Back in My Day: Coding

Contemplating a Police Visit
Photo-A-Day #4173

Oh what a day of emotional ups and downs. More downs than ups. Andrew was home sick today and so no gym for me. No karate or school for him. We spent the day playing LEGO Dimensions. I was going to show you a video that we made of the Joker and Harley Quinn Team Pack but I wasn’t able to get that all together. It will be up at a later date.

While we were playing LEGO Dimensions I could hear yelling and screaming from next door. It sounded like a large, larger than normal, shouting match. Then door started slamming, the grandmother was shouting as well and I felt that things may escalate. So, I called the police. When they came they went by the house over to another house and were looking for the one I called about. I slipped out the side door and let them know which house to go to. We are so close together that I can hear everything. So I heard the neighbors give grief to the police. Then when the police left I heard the neighbors speculating on who called the police. I was expecting a pounding on my own door. We need to move. This is getting ridiculous.

I spent the afternoon cleaning one of the bathrooms and then weed whacking the sidewalk because it has gotten way overgrown. It was good to get a little frustration out on the weeds. Sort of satisfying.

The emotions were not over-with, though. When I put Eva to bed she looked upset. I asked her about it and the floodgates opened. She recently tried out for a play and didn’t get a part with any lines. She was so upset because she’s been a part of the play program for five years. She does a great job and she gets all her lines, moves, songs and dances down. I know that she did a good job in the audition, which isn’t really an audition because there are at least 50 kids in the play program. She was very upset. I’ve been there. I’ve been there so many times in my life and told her about a few of those times. I was going to talk about it in today’s vlog but instead I got a bit sidetracked talking about coding when I was a kid and also the Swift Playgrounds app on the iPad. I love it, it is so much fun and I like learning more about coding.