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Dinner with Uncle Mike

Photo-A-Day #3209

Tonight we had a wonderful dinner with Uncle Mike. He picked up dinner from House of Fortune and the kids were delighted to get to spend time with him. whenever Uncle Mike comes Eva has some crazy big plans for him. This time she wanted everyone dressed up in their best clothes. She wanted him in a tie and me, too. We explained that he was relaxing and wearing a tie all week is not too fun. He just wanted to have a nice dinner with us, and so did I. We at least reigned her in a bit. Continue reading Dinner with Uncle Mike

Ravage wants to be a Thundercat

Photo-A-Day #2597

My friend Mike (Uncle Mike, Loki) saw this Ravage USB device online and said that I must have it. So, the other day when I got home from my travel Odyssey he was at the house and had it for me. I missed him because as I came in the back door he was pulling away from the house and I caught him long enough to say hello. Later Eva gave me the Ravage USB and told me it was from Uncle Mike. It is pretty cool. It is a perfect form for Ravage now too. Continue reading Ravage wants to be a Thundercat