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All Your Ice Cream Belong To Us

All Your Ice Cream Belong To Us
Photo-A-Day #1626

Dada had Eva for the day so he took Eva and (Uncle Mike) to Borders, Toys R Us and Dairy Queen. I had coupons and gift cards I needed to use so I wanted to go use them.

At Borders I picked up the book Career Renegade by Johnathan Fields. My Life Coach Kim Ann Curtin suggested this to me and since we are going to get started with sessions soon I figured now was as good a time as any to get started. So I picked up that book and also picked up a watercolor book for Eva. She did some water color painting at the Eric Carle museum and enjoyed it and so she picked out a TinkerBell book with the watercolors attached. It has been so long since I’ve done any watercolors.

We went to Toys R Us because I had a $10 gift card but I needed my Toys R Us credit card so I left the toy there and we continued to Dairy Queen.

I love taking Eva to Dairy Queen because it is fun to watch her eat ice cream. She barely touches it and it gets all over her. She was swapping my ice cream for hers over and over it was funny. Uncle Mike certainly had a laugh or two.

They're all mine!

Later on we went to my Uncle Rich’s place for a cook out. He even had a singer/guitar player there who was singing all the great soft rock hits. He was really good and my Uncle pretty much provided a nice sound for the neighborhood. We had a nice time and came on home.

Oh and this morning at church Eva’s timing was once again spot on. Fr. Gabriel (a priest we like and who Baptized Eva) was consecrating the host and we were kneeling. Suddenly Eva starts saying the prayer that we say for Grace before meals. The kid has great timing. After church we saw that Fr. Dave’s lawn had gotten “Flocked” It was covered in pink flamingos. We took Eva to check them out.

You've Been Flocked

And here is one of those weird but cool connections. Today I also worked on Kim Ann Curtin’s Website/Blog and on her Consulting Page I saw a testimonial from one Mr. Christopher Williams. Christopher is my inspiration behind the Photo-A-Day project. How small a world is that?