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Press Release: Skylanders Final Waves 5 & 6

Camo Ignitor Warnado 3pk

If you’ve been reading this blog then you know that I am a huge Skylanders fan. I got the game a little before it was released and have been addicted ever since. We’ve got every Skylander that has been released and are just waiting on the final three so that we can fully complete the game and also complete each Elemental team. There are three final Skylanders to be released. They are Warnado (Air), Camo (Life) and Wham-Shell (Water). There is even a three pack coming out that includes Camo, Warnado and the previously unreleased Ignitor (except for the Nintendo 3Ds starter pack. Pictured above). I was supplied with some information to pass along to my readers. Continue reading Press Release: Skylanders Final Waves 5 & 6