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Fire Trucks!

Andrew at the Fireman Event
Photo-A-Day #4174

Andrew was back to school today. He was feeling better and so excited to get back to his class. He loves going to his class every day. I am glad that he enjoys it so much. I am also glad that he was back so that I could hit the gym.

After the gym I ran over to Walmart because I had ordered a few LEGO Dimensions packs. These were the last two LEGO Dimensions sets that I had to collect for Year One. Andrew has been enjoying building all the sets with me. When I picked him up he took a look at the sets. He told me that he could not possibly build the Jurassic Park dinosaur because it looked too hard. He has no problem following the directions. He’ll be able to build this one, too.

I also stopped by Target and picked up some popcorn because Andrew wanted a movie day. He wanted to have a movie day yesterday when he was home but we played LEGO Dimensions for the afternoon. It wasn’t until later that night that he realized that we did not watch a movie. He was upset. I calmed him down and let him know that after school today we could watch a movie. He chose the movie and picked Andrew Birds.

So, movie day was in my mind and I completely forgot that we were going to meet Uncle Howard to go and check out the Emergency Vehicles over at Greenwood Emergency Vehicles. Andrew was a bit sleepy and took some time to warm up. After he went into his first Ambulance he was fascinated and liked learning about all of the vehicles and what they could do from Uncle Howard. The place that we went to, Greenwood, was having an open house with food from Firefly, a great BBQ place. I had some ribs and chicken and a hot dog on the way out, because Andrew wanted a second one. I also have no pictures of Andrew and I there because I leaned up against a table while cutting up Andrew’s hot dog and got BBQ sauce all over my best pair of shorts. We had a fun time despite that. Andrew loved the big trucks and all that they could do. At one point he ran back to one of the trucks he had already been in and told me that he wanted Uncle Howard to explain more about it to him.

Driving and the Xtreme Cycle Moto-Cam Preview

Send off to Deb
Photo-A-Day #4154

We do a sendoff to my supervisor tonight at work. Her name is Deb and our manager brought in Little Debbie snacks for the party. First dad joke that hit all year.

I’ve been trying to get good video for the Xtreme Cycle Moto-Cam. I took it with me yesterday to shoot footage before work. Then this morning I took it back to the skate park a second time to get footage from the Moto-Cam itself. However, I am having trouble with the cycle. It is not recording as I expect and I can’t get the files to use on my computer. They are ending up being unreadable. I’m getting a lot better at driving the cycle but I have crashed it many times and sometimes from great heights. The handlebars are busted, but it still can drive. The gyro is making a god-awful noise, but it still drives. The camera does record and I can see the videos through an app called VLC on my phone, but not my computer.

I ran into a guy at the Skate Park. He watches Youtube videos all the time. Mostly Video games and toy reviews, so I think he found my vlog today and left me a comment. I offered to let him drive the Xtreme Cycle but he didn’t want to, he’d rather watch.

The Xtreme Cycle is overall pretty good, there are some flaws to it but it does do some cool things. I’m beating the heck out of it as I try and get some good footage. There is some footage in today’s video. I edited this very quickly and very sloppily. Sorry about that. Next one will be better.