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They Have Ridges

They Have Ridges
Photo-A-Day #1377

While I was working on my learning Chinese for the day I was visited by this ladybug. Or rather, it fell on me and scared the crap out of me. I was really concentrating on writing my Chinese symbols that when the ladybug fell it completely broke my concentration.

But we patched things up and it hung out on my thumb while I did some more writing. It was very zen-like. Here I was working to educate myself and at the same time made a connection with this bug. I took a few shots with my DSLR but I couldn’t do very good macro work. So I put the ladybug on the book and went and got my canon SD 800is because it has decent macro. I must have been gone to long because the ladybug took off. I was surprised because it spent about 10 minutes on my thumb.

The nice thing about a DSLR and shooting on the largest size is that you can crop way in and still get a nice shot. I like how the ridges on my thumbprint contrast with the smoothness of the ladybug’s shell.