The Honeymoon Photos

I was able to upload the honeymoon pictures to Kodak Galleries tonight. That is because I finally fixed the connection to the Internet here at home. It took a couple of hours to track down the exact problem but it is now fixed so both me and my sister Tara can now telecommute without frustration. And Dad didn’t have to totally rewire the house.

A Honeymoon recap will go up when we get some more time.

Couple of things I want to mention.

Maureen of We’re in a Fight is doing the “A-Day” thing with a Christmas Movie-A-Day till Christmas. She started with Home Alone, a classic. And today’s is Scrooged. Keep ’em coming Mo.

My friend Becky is doing a Photo-A-Day and she has a terrific eye and some beautiful dogs that she photographs on occasion. I added her to my Photo-a-Day list.

I made it to Christopher Williams website. I am listed as a Photo-A-Day friend.