The Wedding Recap Post….

Yes, this is a long time coming, but now with the wedding, honeymoon, Thanksgiving and a week of travel for work over, I now have some time to sit and reflect.

I have to say that the wedding was one of the best days of my entire life. From start to finish everything went off so well. All of the months of planning, the help from our friends and family and the attention to detail helped us have such a great day.

Friday night, the rehearsal dinner. (Already recapped so not writing it again)

Wedding day. I got up super early as usual and did some blogging. and at 7:30 my Grandpa Bennett, my Dad, James, Derek, Neil, Ken and I went down to JD’s for breakfast. We had a nice full breakfast and shared some stories and advice. Then the guys and I got ready for the wedding. Neil helped us all with out pocket squares and French cuffs. Uncle Richard’s cufflinks were a great part of my tux.

I was buzzing with excitement that I did not even realize that we were running late. It was kind of weird for me not to notice something like that. Neil and I were preparing for the ceremony in the chapel and had no clue of the time.

The ceremony was one of the best ever. And I am very biased of course. Fr. Tom and Fr. Dave were fantastic. They made the ceremony so welcome for everyone who attended. Looking out into the pews I saw them all full, all the way to the back. Then the music began and we came out and waited for the wedding party to make their way down the aisle. When I saw Allison and her father coming down the aisle I began to tear up a bit, and tried to stop myself, but probably just succeeded in making some really weird looking faces. When Allison and her father arrived at the front of the altar my parents and I greeted Allison and her parents. That was a very nice touch and a suggestion by Fr. Dave at the rehearsal. Then I took Allison’s hand and we made our way up to the kneelers.

From there the ceremony continued perfectly, Erin and Bart did the first and second readings. David and Michelle provided fantastic music. Fr. Tom gave a fantastic homily that even mentioned the blog. I think that was the first time I ever heard the word blog in a homily before. We then exchanged vows and rings and after that was complete (Allison and I cried through that and the homily as well) Fr. Tom performed a blessing over our hands that was very unique and special to us. Maureen did the prayer of the faithful. Tara and Shelby brought up the gifts. The next thing we knew we were heading up the aisle. The day continued to go by so quickly. After everyone in the wedding party came up the aisle Allison and I went back into the church to dismiss each row. This was something that we took from some weddings we had been to in PA. It gave us a chance to greet everyone who came to the ceremony.

Then it was time for Photos. Cullen Jones, our photographer, took over 700 pictures, black and white and color. We took photos on our front lawn. With the fall colors that we chose and the leaves on the trees and all over the ground it was a perfect spot for pictures. As the pictures were being taken Tara and Erik got the slideshow going at the reception. We were only able to show a portion of it but everyone who attended the wedding got a CD with music from the wedding and a copy of the slideshow to watch on their computers. I hope everyone enjoyed it.

After the photos Allison and I got in the limo and rode to the reception. When we arrived we were ushered to the bridal room by Kevin at the Holiday Inn. Kevin was the banquet coordinator and he was excellent. The cocktail hour was over and the guests made their way into the reception hall. Each couple or individual guest got a copy of the wedding favor CD placed under their seating card. They also got to sign our guestbook. We made a custom guestbook through Kodak Gallery and encouraged our guests to sign the book like they would a high school yearbook.

Then it was our turn to line up. As we waited in line a person from the other banquet hall came up to Allison and I to wish us a long life ahead. The wedding party was announced and then it was our turn to come into the hall. I could not stop smiling. And at the same time I was nervous about our first dance. But when we heard Ellis’ voice singing words we began to move in such a way that we’ve been moving since we have known each other, we just fit together so well. I knew that the first time we ever hugged each other, we fit, perfectly. After our first dance we had a wedding party dance and Lindsay sang “When You Say Nothing at All” by Allison Krauss. What a beautiful song that was beautifully sung.

Then we got to sit for a bit and have some food. After the salad Allison and I cut the cake, which was both beautiful and delicious. The cake topper was just perfect to represent us. From that point on through to the end of the reception things just flew by, photo after photo with family and friends. And I know it is cliché but there was certainly not enough time for the reception. I wish I could have sat with everyone and gotten to see how everyone was enjoying themselves, but it was impossible to be everywhere and see everyone. We certainly appreciate that everyone came to share the day with us. It was pretty much the most perfect day ever. Weather, ceremony, reception, guests, pictures it was all perfect.

We stayed at the Holiday in for the night. After we got changed and relaxed and discovered the bed full of rice we made our way out to see the parties in the rooms. Allison’s parents and my parents each had hotel rooms and opened them up to entertain guests. We spent some time with Allison’s parents and then made our way down to my parent’s room, while we were there we showed the who wedding favor slide show on the wall of their room. I was glad we were able to show the slideshow again.

The next morning we had breakfast at the buffet in the hotel, we tried to spend a lot of time with everyone who stayed at the hotel or who came back to share breakfast. After breakfast we loaded the gifts into the cars and then opened them at home with my parents and Allison’s parents. After that we paced up for our week ahead in Aruba.

Thank you everyone who was a part of our wedding day, helping us or being their to support us in our decision to be married. It was such a great day and there was certainly not enough time at all.

Wedding pictures are back now. They can be seen here.