Tidbits: Heroes, Robot Chicken, Transformers

Just picked up some information from the Pop Candy Blog.

First off there are 5 different covers being put out by Entertainment Weekly. And you can order

Entertainment Weekly Magazine – Over 80% Off
, it is a good deal on a very good magazine. I love reading it when I go to my podiatrist. Anyway entertainment Weekly is putting out five Heroes themed covers and they will have clues and hints for the season finale.

I mentioned that George Lucas is a fan of Robot Chicken and is working with Seth Green on a Robot Chicken Star Wars Spoof. The trailer is now up for your viewing pleasure. don’t forget to watch it on June 17th at 10:00pm on Cartoon Network.

I pre-ordered the Transformers Game for the Wii. I should have it on June 26th from Best Buy in store pick up. Well the game trailer for that game is now up.