Tink and Zink

Tink and Zink
Photo-A-Day #1488

Each time we go to Disney we say that we will make a scrapbook of our times there. Allison and I bought this beautiful scrapbook too. We’ve decided that we’ll start scrapbooking together once a week or so and create pages from our past visits to the house of mouse. One thing we made sure to do when we took Eva for her 1st time to Disney, which was right after IZEAFest last year. We were lucky enough to have Auntie Mo come with us. She surely loves that kid.

Next Thursday we are heading down to Disney for sort of a long weekend. We fly down on Thursday and come back on Monday. While we are there we have a few fun things planned and some in the works. We’re staying at the Buena Vista Resort Palace and Spa. When we arrive on Thursday we’ll relax at the pool and then venture over to Downtown Disney to catch some dinner and walk around. We’re going to go to Animal Kingdom on Friday and I made a reservation at the Rainforest Cafe there for 8 people at 4:15pm so if anyone wants to come for early bird hours let me know.

On Saturday Allison’s parents are coming up from their house to spend two days with us. I made reservations at the Teppan Edo in Japan in Epcot under recommendation from Trevor. Trevor and his wife Mary are going to join us for lunch that afternoon. I’m very excited about Epcot because there is a big flower show happening and that means amazing topiaries. That will give me a chance to take tons of photos, like I need an excuse.

Sunday we’ll be starting off with a Character breakfast at the Grand Floridian. I guess that Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, The Mad Hatter and Winnie-The-Pooh will be there. We had made reservations for the Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom for Friday morning at 8:05am but found out that we probably wouldn’t have made that because our hotel complimentary shuttles don’t start running till after that. Oh well. But we hope at the Character Breakfast our friend Maureen (Auntie Mo) will catch up with us to spend the day with us in the Magic Kingdom.

We leave on Monday but not before we make a very special trip over to the Market Leverage Offices for lunch and a tour. The crew over there is looking forward to meeting Eva. I have Dina to thank for that part of the vacation.

Getting back to scrapbooking. We decided to buy Eva her own scrapbook on her 1st trip to Disney. We picked out a Tinkerbell one because Eva makes me think of Tinkerbell. We’ll block off two pages for that trip and eventually put that together. The great thing about me blogging so much is that we can go back to my post about the trip and relive it. It helps to get the details down for the scrapbooks.

The ZINK portion of this is going to be fun. Since ZINK has zero ink the images will not fade, and because the paper has a sticky backing they will make the perfect accompaniment to this trip. I plan to make this trip’s scrapbook pages with some of the stickers shown as well as with ZINK paper. I can’t wait to try this and to show everyone.

Okay one last thing. A while back I made a website for a friend of mine. They paid me and I’ve been sitting on the money, then my birthday came and I sat on that money too. I finally pulled the trigger on some equipment for my camera, namely a new lens and a hot shoe flash. First up is the new lens. I’ve been reading about this lens for a while and wanted something that was going to be a total package. A lens that would allow me to not worry about changing all the time. One that handled wide angle as well as zoom, and one that had image stabilization. I ordered the Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM IF Lens for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras. I also wanted a hot shoe flash and I didn’t want to go too expensive so once again I went Sigma. I picked up the Sigma EF-530 DG ST i-TTL Shoe Mount Flash (Guide No. 174’/53 m at 105mm) for Nikon with i-TTL. And to protect my new lens I also got a couple of filters, the Opteka 72mm High Definition² Circular Polarizing + UV (0) Ultra Violet Haze Multi-Coated Glass Filter Kit.

If you are interested here are links to what I ordered.

6 thoughts on “Tink and Zink”

  1. Love it! I am an avid scrapbooker and believe in preserving those memories and pictures! We are going to Disney next week too! I imagine you are going to FL and we are going to CA though. Would have been cool if we were heading to the same one at the same time!

    Enjoy your new gear. If you haven’t watched them already Scott Kelby has put together some fabulous instructional videos together on D-Town and there is a 3 part series on hotshoe flashes. http://www.dtowntv.com/

    Celinas last blog post..Day 277

  2. Celina,
    We are going to FL, sorry. That would have been cool though. I do know that my friend Michael from Xshot will be at the CA Disney, look for a guy using an Xshot to take photos of his family.

    I will check out the flash series, sounds like something I need to read.

  3. I’m so excited you guys are coming to visit! Are you going to take Eva to the Bibbity Boppity Boutique?

  4. Dina,
    I think we’ll do that when she gets older, she’s just a bit small for this right now. We’ll probably get her sprinkled with pixie dust though. 🙂

  5. Baba,
    Thanks, those were from Target. Target has some great Disney related scrapbooking stuff.

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