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One Headlight

Photo-A-Day #1940

Today Allison, Eva and I made our way up to Fitchburg to visit with Allison’s grandparents John and Eva. We had lunch with them so that they could visit with Eva. Eva introduced Great-Grandma Eva to the iPad (Eva even asked us for one of her own the other day, we are in trouble). Eva had the Great-Grandparents enthralled with her antics and how well she used the iPad and understood her letters. Eva loves playing the SuperWhy App on the iPad. Continue reading One Headlight

Princess Providence

princess eva
Photo-A-Day #1910

The Rest of the Story coming tomorrow. Blame the lateness of this post on my brand new toy, the iPad. Yesterday Allison’s parent’s arrived from Florida. I was on a telecommuting day so I was unable to go and pick them up so Allison and Eva went. I stayed home and did work and caught up on a few things left to do around the house. I’m still getting back into the swing of things since Evo’10. I did write a pretty comprehensive post on my experiences there over on the Collective Bias blog. Continue reading Princess Providence