Toy Review: Build Your Own Bot with Transformers Construct-Bots

Transformers Construct-Bots

We received one TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS SCOUT Action Figure Set and one TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS ELITE Action Figure Set to assemble and review. Opinions are 100% my own.

We received an Ironhide and a Soundwave set. The Ironhide set was the Scout set and the Soundwave one was the Elite one. The major difference between the two sets was that the Elite one had a few more pieces and a case to hold all the pieces.

Transformers Construct-Bots Pieces

We took all of the parts and placed them into a large pile. We thought that we’d take the pieces and assemble the figures. Rather than starting by reading the instructions we just started trying to figure it out as we went.

Eva Building Ironhide

When that really didn’t work too well we went to the instructions. This time we’d build each figure per the instructions and then take them apart and reassemble a new figure from the pieces. So, we completed building Ironhide and Soundwave. What we learned was that the assembly was essentially the same, they just had different parts and Soundwave had some additional parts.

Ironhide and Soundwave

We built Soundwave and this incarnation of the figure is a flyer. Very much a jet and almost a spaceship look to Soundwave but it incorporates many of the classic looks of a G1 Soundwave. The head sculpt is certainly G1 and the chest plate looks like the tape deck part in G1 Soundwave’s chest.

Soundwave Construct-Bot

Ironhide also had heavy G1 influence including the head sculpt. The look of the vehicle mode looked more like an off road vehicle with a plow in front.

Ironhide Construct-Bot

The nice thing about the sets was that you didn’t have to disassemble the figure in order to transform it. This is an improvement over other construction sets that are transformer themed where you have to disassemble the figure and reassemble it as the vehicle.

Completed Construct-Bot Amalgam

We decided to tear down the figure and put it together with a red and blue theme and keep him an Autobot. We decided that we’d call him Iron Wave and he’s a land vehicle but he does have wings.

Completed Construct-Bot Amalgam

In building the set I enjoyed seeing that the pieces fit easily with different sets and that there were many of the same standard pieces so if you liked one set of colors over another you could easily swap them out. The figures were pretty solid once assembled and had fairly decent pose possibilities. While they will never replace the actual transformers figures that I love so much they were nice to play with and it was a a whole new way to interact with the characters that I’ve known for years.

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