Unboxing February Loot Crate: DOCTOR

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Today when I returned home I found this wicked cool Loot Crate on the doorstep. I’ve been very excited to receive the latest Loot Crate after meeting Chris and Matthew earlier this month at Toy Fair. I really liked the guys when I met them and when I returned home I went and did a video unboxing of the January Loot Crate: Excelsior. I also could not wait to received the February Loot Crate. I had been watching Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and also the Loot Crate App about February’s Loot Crate and getting more excited by the day. I could not wait for it to arrive so I could finally see what was inside. Here is what was in the box.

Wow, what a bunch of fantastic items. I love the Tardis Prime T-shirt, it is perfect! I also like the Mega Man air freshener.

Do you have a geek or gamer in your family who would benefit from this monthly service? You can go to the Loot Crate site and sign up for the newsletter to get a 10% off code. The amount of great stuff that you get each month is really worth the subscription price. You are definitely getting more than you pay for plus the benefit of an outstanding community.

Disclosure: I have a Loot Crate influencer subscription and the monthly Loot Crate is sent to me to check out and review. Opinions about the Loot Crate is 100% my own and each month I participate with the community on my own because I love Loot Crate.

2 thoughts on “Unboxing February Loot Crate: DOCTOR”

  1. omgosh! i’d want that loot box just for the t-shirt alone! transformers and doctor who mash-up? suh-weeet! bacon-flavored lip balm, yum lol looks like a pretty good box. the pricing is not bad for the stuff you get. i wish i had known about it sooner, so i could have gotten the doctor box haha

    1. Pam,

      I’d say jump on a subscription and also make sure you sign up for the e-mail list and get 10% off. Terrific price for each month’s box.

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