Video Game Review – Hot Wheels: World’s Best Driver

Hot Wheels World's Best Driver - Wii [Front]

I received a copy of the new Hot Wheels game Hot Wheels: World’s Best Driver. Opinions of the game are 100% my own.

I enjoy hot Wheels cars. I didn’t have many of them when I was a kid, well, actually I had plenty of the cars but not the signature orange tracks to race them around the house. Whenever I had a friend who had Hot Wheels tracks I was all about playing with them and making sweet jumps and loops and fun tracks to race on. However, with this game you don’t need to have all those tracks to enjoy racing excitement, you can race on over 76 different tracks including loops with the signature orange track.


I’ve played many of the tracks and there are some very cool things to experience on each track. You can do wall drifting where you drive straight up a ramp onto a wall and drift around to come back down another ramp. Each track and vehicle takes some getting used to. Each one has different strengths and weaknesses as well as handling and other quirks. I found that motorcycles are some of the hardest vehicles to control and I wipe out almost every time I get on one of them.


Some of my favorite vehicles to drive are the powerful ones like those that you use to move things around or smash other cars. The monster truck is tricky but so satisfying when you can crush anything you come up against.


Controls are pretty sensitive and so when you are flying around all over the place a small correction can become an over-correction and result in a pretty spectacular crash. Cars can also go amazingly fast depending upon what you are driving.


There are four teams to choose from. Blue is the technical team, red is the outrageous stunt team, green is super speed team and yellow is the power team. So, no matter what type of driving activity you are looking to do you can find the right team to join. Travel the world and try all sorts of crazy stunts to see if you are the World’s Best Driver.