Who Won BenSpark’s Big Box of Awesome! ?

Who is Getting the Big Box of Awesome! ?Well I have to say that I am truly sad that this contest has come to an end. I had so much fun with this and I hope that you had fun as well. There were a number of people who helped me reveal items from BenSpark’s Big Box of Awesome! I’d like to thank them now once again. I called upon bloggers from all over to take one item and kind of “leak” it to the public at large. This was a great way to involve many people and I hope that you found some interesting blogs to read.

In no particular order. Thanks So Much Everyone!

25 thoughts on “Who Won BenSpark’s Big Box of Awesome! ?”

  1. Congrats to the winner! It was fun being a part of this contest.

    A little off-topic…but I forgot to tell you that the calendar I ordered arrived last week. I’m very pleased with how it turned out…great job!

    Christines last blog post..Thursday Thtuph

  2. Anna,
    MY wife beat you too it. I had to record this all before she got up. It is my Christmas outfit. Each Christmas it is something crazy like that.

  3. Christine,
    Thanks for participating and thanks for ordering a calendar, I am glad you like it. So happy to hear that the quality is good.

  4. I can’t even tell you what I thought when I saw you making the approach on that box. You don’t want to know!! Great contest-tons of fun!! Maybe I should have one just to clean out my apartment a little!!

    1. Kat,
      Thanks very much, I bought the shorts on a whim and sadly the boots don’t get much use since I sold the motorcycle.

  5. Heather,
    My Victoria’s Secret Santa shorts cannot be shown on any video. without a warning attached. :-0. Thanks very much Heather, I’ll get you a scan of Teds head with my other copy of the Postiecon program.

  6. Mo,
    Get your mind out of the gutter, or wherever it was. BTW where is the picture of the tree that is supposed to literally make me pee myself with laughter? I can just imagine the treasures that you have lying around, A whole box of N’Sync paraphernalia. 🙂

  7. Bummer! I somehow managed to miss all the good contests this year. Maybe the ASW or the Sears card is on my list this year. One can only hope…

  8. And thanks so much for putting this silly little contest, because it was a contest created on a total whim whilst cleaning the house, on Market Leverage TV.

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