Wii Game: Excite Truck

Don’t settle is what I can say about this game. I played Excite Truck for the first time last night with my friend Ryan and this game did not disappoint. We had tons of run running through the tutorials as well as the vs races. I originally wanted this game but ended up getting Monster 4X4 World Circuit instead. I in essence settled for the inferior game because Excite Truck was not available. So when Allison got me Excite Truck for my birthday I couldn’t wait to play it, unfortunately I did have to wait because of my travel schedule.

But I played it last night and it was awesome. To start you have to go through the tutorials in order to open the actual game. The tutorials are fun little trials and we had a good time learning the intricacies of the truck controls.

Once we were finished with the first set of Tutorials the bronze level of tracks were available to us. We played the four tracks and then went back tot he tutorials and then to the Excite Race feature and switched off playing those races.

by completing those races and tutorial #2 we opened the next level of races plus a few more locations. We probably could have played that game all night.

Excite Truck makes great use of the Wii controller and the controls are very sensitive but easy to soon pick up and play with precision. You have the choice between three trucks to start off and more trucks become available as you unlock them by completing races.

One of the big differences between Excite Truck and 4X4 World Circuit is that the graphics are far superior on Excite Truck and the points you get from tricks and smashes and even god crashes mean something to you. Getting points is just as important as winning in Excite Truck and if you get enough points you can even beat the person who wins the race part of the game.

In Excite Truck you don’t have to pick up silly power ups to use the turbo feature all you need to do is make sure that you do not overheat while using it. If you manage the heat you can use the turbo very efficiently in you races.

I cannot say enough about how much fun this game is to play. If you have the choice between Excite Truck and Monster 4X4 World Circuit, make sure you get Excite Truck.