YesVideo Photo-A-Day Challenge – Day 4 – Orange

Photo-A-Day #2736

When Eva and I went to pick up our CSA farm share at Attleboro Farms she showed me the Hay Maze that Greg built. This cute little maze is fun for the kids when they come to th shop and also big fun when they come to the weekly Farmer’s Market. We were the only ones there so Eva ran through it about seven or eight times. She had a lot of fun.

This week is still Attleboro Restaurant Week and we went and explored Scorpios for lunch. They had a special deal of $10 meals for lunch. We had some tasty burgers and Eva had spaghetti and meatballs. Andrew ate a bunch of everything. The food was decent the people were nice and we’ll probably be back once Andrew is weened and Allison can have dairy again. IT was tough not getting something cheesy there.