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Pumpkin Pie, Gingerbread, White Chocolate, Caramel Ice Cream

Pumpkin Pie Gingerbread White Chocolate Caramel
Photo-A-Day #1328

This past week in the newspaper there was a coupon for a Cold Stone Creamery cake, $3.00 off. With their ice cream cakes starting at $26.00 that doesn’t even begin to make a dent. There was also an ad for an ice cream pumpkin pie. I said I’d pick one up and today on the way home from work I stopped into a Cold Stone to get one. They didn’t have any and the person behind the counter looked like she had never heard of the product. So I asked if they had pumpkin ice cream, they did. Great well I will get a quart of that.

But wait, at Cold Stone Creamery you can mix in other things and the size container I chose allowed for 4 free mix-ins. I am NOT about to forgo a free mix-in. So I started with what I thought would make a good pumpkin pie, graham cracker crumbs. Graham cracker crumbs would make a good pie crust. Then I took the suggestion of my ice cream designer and chose caramel sauce. White chocolate chips are a mix in I generally get in everything, I don’t like them on their own but mixed in with a bunch of other stuff makes them a good addition. The final ingredient were gingerbread cookies. So This basically has a double crust of graham and gingerbread. It looks and smells delicious and just thinking about the ingredients makes my mouth water. But we will have to wait till tomorrow to find out how it tastes.

So, what should I name this concoction?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone and remember that I have two contests happening right now. One is to choose the 12 photos from this past year that should be part of the 2009 Photo-A-Day Calendar and the other is for a Digital Photo Frame from Edge Tech Corp. Easy to enter and you have 4 more days.