Color Run Day 2024

Color Run day
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01971

Today was the Color Run at Andy’s school. I had the time so decided to help out and volunteer with setup and with spraying the paint on the kids. The paint was corn starch with food coloring. I got there at 10am and helped set up all the tents and put out the water and ice. Then I took a box of paints to the back of the school and set up to spray paint. Later I was joined by one of Andy’s friend’s parents and another parent.

The fun run was a good time, a little more organization and direction would have been welcome but overall it went well. The kids had a great time on the run and they were covered, just completely covered in paint. It was a fun day and the school raised $24,000 for their programs and that directly benefits Andy and their friends.

My Little Buddy’s Car

my little buddys car
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01970

Today was stripe test and it was a tough one. Eva had the day off because of Graduation at school. I asked if she wanted to take class with me in the morning and test with the adults. She declined. Probably a good idea on her part. It was a tough class.

After class my little buddy, Julian “helped” me do some pushups. Then he was playing around on the mats and took a tumble. So, he probably left early. When I was back watching Eva’s class I noticed a Hot Wheels car under the bleachers. I recognized it as one of my buddy’s cars. So I texted is mom and picked it up to bring it to class next week.