40th Anniversary Transformers Night

at showcase with Andy
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01955

Tonight I took Andy to Showcase in Foxboro for the 40th Anniversary Transformers night. The first 4 episodes of the original cartoon were being shown with the first episode having a live table read with many people from the original cast. That first episode was pretty cool and Andy loved seeing the voice actors do their thing.

Andy did ask a few questions during the show and they had lots of criticisms of the plot. Questions about how robots as large as Soundwave could shrink down to be a tape deck that could be carried by a human. Questions like why would they make Megatron turn into a gun that needed to be used by other robots. Andy also saw foreshadowing from a mile away. It didn’t help that nearly every episode was basically the same. I explained that the toys were already created and then the show was made around the toys to sell the toys. Plot and storylines were very basic but over the years the lore around the Autobots and Decepticons grew from comics, movies and the cartoons. But, it had to start somewhere.


I finally took apart the extruder and found the source of the problem. A piece of the filament was all squashed and could not get through the holes and that caused the extruder to malfunction.