New Glasses – First Ever Ray Bans

New Glasses
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01948

I picked up my new glasses today. I finally decided that putting my glasses on top of my head to read something up close was getting too annoying to keep doing over and over so I got progressive lenses. I also was tired of switching my glasses back and forth for sunglasses so these are also transitions. Some pretty cool technology in my glasses. But that’s not it.

Taking Photos

My glasses are the Ray Ban Meta smart glasses and they do much more than allow me to see much better. I can take photos and video with them and even use a virtual assistant to identify things and much more than that. I had seen these over a year ago and was interested in them then when Andy got their glasses. We had used the allotment of insurance money and discounts to get those glasses so I waited a bit longer. I had an eye exam right after turning 50 and that seemed like a good time to go and get new glasses. So I did and they came in today. It took a little bit to set up the app on my phone but once I did I could take photos, listen to music and more. Plus, I now can see better.

The case is the charging station for the glasses. Connectors for the charger are at the bridge of the nose. great design.