New Screen

new screen
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01981

I decided that I need a second screen for working at home so I found this new screen on Amazon for $60. It connects to my laptop via a micro HDMI cable and usb c so it is very convenient. I’ll probably use to to have the alert monitor screen up as well as the group chat so that I don’t miss out on any messages or alerts. I’ll use the main screen for active work and stuff.

I was pretty knocked out most of the day today. I must have eaten something bad at work on Saturday and that caught up with me last night and has been in my system most of the day. I’m hoping that it clears up before class tomorrow.

I came back from the Cape early because I had to pick Eva up from school because she is in exams this week. Today was her second day of exams. She’s had four of them so far and two more left to go this week. So far she’s doing well with them.