A Little Scratch

Photo-A-Day #1668

The weather today was so nice that we went to the Capron Park Zoo after Church. It was a perfect day weather-wise also perfect for the size of the crowd. There was no crowd. We were able to go up and see the llamas all by ourselves without 15 screaming kids in the area. We could see the lions without knuckleheads roaring at them. It was wonderful.

While we were at the Zoo we saw some new signs that were pretty funny.

Hard Habit to Break
Near Lemur Island

Lion Enclosure Sign
At the Lion Den

We also got to see a Blue Heron catch itself some lunch. And you thought that only Michael Scott was the scourge of the Koi Pond.

A Tasty Morsel
Caught yah!

I didn’t think it was going down

Gonna Find me more Fishies
One Gulp and gone

Going to the zoo, always a fun time for us and we even got to watch the big cats being somewhat active. Although I did not have my 300mm Macro lens so I did get some bar wires in the snow leopard shots. Check out the rest of our photos on my Capron Park Zoo 11/01/09 Set on Flickr.

6 thoughts on “A Little Scratch”

    1. Deborah,
      We do enjoy the local zoos. Supporting a place where they can educate our kids and provide a nice place to walk around is fun for us.

    1. Buck,
      One day I will start my teaching, one day. Ugh I can’t get myself motivated to sit down or go out and start. Starting is tough.

        1. Buck,
          Starting has been terrible. I either get distracted or not motivated when I actually have time in front of me.

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