Bristol Moon

Bristol Moon
Photo-A-Day #1610

Today was a little crazy. I found out during the day that I am going to Sheffield England on Tuesday for 4 days. Apparently no one else is available to do a demo that I used to do and so I need to dust off the rust and get out there and give it a go. I’m actually pretty excited.

However, because this was crazy last minute stuff I had to scramble to get all of the things that I needed for the trip. I took care of everything from work and when I got home I made sure that I took care of grabbing things like a power converter and my passport. I even packed most of my clothes so that I wouldn’t be rushing and scrambling on Monday night.

Luckily, Allison and I took separate cars to the Cape this weekend. I wanted to take my kayak with me so I took my car. It took me quite a while to take care of everything at the house and tehn come down. I also made a stop off at Target to pick up something special for my Ultimate IZEAFest Prize Pack Winners, this wasn’t something advertised and it is sort of a spur of the moment addition that I hope MommaDJane, Buck Daddy and Melinda like. I’m going to work on that a bit this weekend.

As I drove down to the Cape I could see the moon ahead of me. It was enormous and I tried to get down so I could shoot it while it was low in the sky. I was not able to get out and shoot until close to 9:00 so it was well overhead. The sky wasn’t that conducive to taking shoots of the moon. However getting shots of the night sky was pretty fun because of the moon and the clouds. It gave the sky some incredible texture and depth. I posted a bunch of the fairly decent photos on Flickr. They can all be found under the keyword “moonoverthewater

I got a “new” computer at work today. The hard drive was dying on the old one. So I get this new one and again the protective plastic on it was peeling, this time it came off in one nice sheet so the parts underneath look pretty good actually. I’ve been trying to load up the software that I use most often like Photoshop Elements 7. But the computer is having a hell of a time installing it and then uninstalling it. Uninstalling because it wasn’t working properly with the 1st install. Either way it has been a real pain in the butt.

10 thoughts on “Bristol Moon”

  1. Baba,
    You gotta take the shots. I sometimes say Oh I’ll go out and get that shot but then it never happens. You got to do it right away.

  2. Anna,
    I was on Friday, I’m a bit more laid back about it today. Tuesday will be a weird thing because I haven’t flown in forever.

    The clouds were what really made the shots today.

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