Can I have Two, Dadda?

Can I have 2 dada
Photo-A-Day #1765

This morning Allison, Eva and I went over to Bass Pro Shop so that we could take a nice walk around the place rather than hang around at the house. It is still pretty cold outside thanks to Puxatony Phil. I like Bass Pro because Eva can play on many of the things that they sell like ATVs and Boats. Eva loved it.

While we were at Bass Pro Shop we ran into our friend Bob. Bob works there and he told us that if we ask the guys down by the Trout pond for some fish pellets so that we could feed the fishies. Eva was very excited to do this until the fish came up out of the water and scared her.

Fishies Scared Me

The trout were pretty big too. She told us a few times that she got scared, poor kid. Se also got scared up near the shooting gallery, there was something that made a huge blast of air that made both of us jump. I had to take her for a little walk to reassure her that she was safe and it was okay. All in all she enjoyed the trip.

Eva really enjoyed our next stop which was our favorite restaurant in North Attleboro, Havana Cafe. We budgeted for dining out and figured that today would be a good day to have our lunch at a place we really enjoy. We always get a warm reception there and Margarita the hostess/owner just adores children and Eva especially. We’ve been going there since Eva was very small and she charms the staff there every time. Allison got a Cuban Sandwich, I had a steak and onion sandwich and Eva had some chicken croquets. The meal was tasty as always. I went and overdid it with the hot sauce. I think I tried to take a bite and breath in at the same time, well my mouth wasn’t having any of it and Allison got a laugh at my crying eyes.

this afternoon Allison and I rearranged the shelves in the kitchen. It was a long time coming and we thinned out many things that we didn’t need. With the whole Dave Ramsey thing we are thinking more about making use of what we have before we go out buying more things. I heard about some people doing a pantry challenge where they cleaned out their pantries and fed the family for an entire month on what they already had in the house. For us we would have an abundance of sauces available to us but nothing to put the sauce on.

I finally found some coconut M&Ms at Hess. Months ago I had the chance to buy some and didn’t. I’d been kicking myself for a while because I really love trying new flavors of M&Ms. The coconut ones were very good, glad I got them. Nothing can replace the original or peanut ones but these coconut ones are worth picking up.

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    1. Dad,
      There are so many places that we need to clean up on a regular basis and clear things out. Stuffitis gets us all the time. Clearing out the stuff is the only way to overcome it.

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