Super Bowl Sunday Proceeded by Super Snack Shopping Saturday

Are you ready for some Heartburn! On Sunday families and friends will gather to watch funny commercials, consume libations, eat lots of snacks and oh yeah there is some sort of game on between the commercials. Saturday the supermarkets will be packed with people picking up copious amounts of food. Over the years we’ve made some tasty snacks and meals for the Super Bowl. Here are some Super Bowl worthy recipes that I’ve made in the past.

The Choco-Nutty-Bacontastic Cookie!

‘Grilled’ Peanut Butter & Pickle Sandwich

Fry Sauce

Hoffapenos – (A recipe I made based on an Average Betty Show. Betty has a ton of great things that you can make for your Super bowl party.)

Here is that video of Hoffapenos.

I was watching my iPod Touch this morning as I worked out and there were some great videos from Chris Pirillo that were Super Bowl Related, one directly and the other in a roundabout way

Super Bowl Snack Ideas (Easy to Make!)

And to wash that down

Mountain Dew Throwback Taste Test

So, what are you serving for Super Bowl Sunday? What is your favorite Super Bowl Snack? Leave a comment with what you are going to enjoy eating this Sunday.

12 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday Proceeded by Super Snack Shopping Saturday”

  1. I’m psyched to try the hoffapenos. Thanks for posting the recipe. I have to know how the grilled peanut butter and pickle sandwiches are. I’ve don grilled peanut butter honey and banana but pickle sound interesting. I’ll have to try it.
    .-= Look at what Kevin wrote blog ..Family Dance =-.

    1. Kevin,
      Hoffapenos are delicious. They are really easy to make and so tasty. The Grilled Peanut Butter and Pickles were really good, I’m going to add Bacon to it next time. They will be utterly fantastic.

  2. I’m looking forward to some Hoffapenos on SB Sunday , too! And definitely some brownies. One thing I *won’t* be having is my latest recipe, Chipotle Chicken Chili… I’ve been eating it and tinkering with it for the last two weeks!

    Thanks for including me in your Super Bowl extravaganza with the very awesome, Chris Pirillo and all this snackity-snack food!

    Happy Super Bowl Snacking! Go Saints!
    .-= Look at what averagebetty wrote blog ..Who Dat Spicin’ Up Super Bowl XLIV? =-.

    1. Average Betty,
      I think I’m going to have to get to the supermarket and get the ingredients for hoffapenos. I love your recipes and will always try and include you in the pre SB preparations. We’ll have to try that Chili too.

  3. I think I will be serving your regular chips and dip and the family seems to love Mexican style finger foods during the superbowl.

  4. Drew,

    I have to point out that I was a little bit disappointed by the Mountain Dew throwback taste test.

    Personally I am trying to avoid high fructose corn syrup. That stuff is just evil. Companies use it because it is cheap and very sweet so you need less of it. However no one ever factors into how much we subsidize corn in this country. Corn is a great crop but it is way over used. We feed it to cows to fatten them up before slaughter. Do you realize if cows just ate corn they would die. Cows are designed to eat grass and not corn to get them to fatten up on corn we need to load them with a bunch of antibiotics and drugs.

    Anyway this is not the place for my Anti Corn Rant. If you are really interested in that you can ready my white paper “Corn it’s not you Grandfathers Maize”

    Back to this taste test. I think Pepsi is doing a great thing here buy putting real sugar back in Soda. Unfortunately it is for a limited time. I would have like to hear about if MDTB tastes better it does marginally I have tried it and enjoyed it. I would have liked to have heard more about why throwback is a good idea.

    Some people might like the review or think it is funny. It is amusing but the opportunity was there to do so much more and for me it left me disappointed.

    Well I am off to stock up on Throwback Mountain Dew and Pepsi before the limtied time is up. There are so few sodas left that actually use sugar (Jones and Polar Classics are the only ones that come to mind) I think Pepsi will miss a huge opportunity if these throwback sodas don’t find a permanent place on our super market shelves.

    1. Andy,

      The taste test was certainly not one that Pepsi had anything to do with. Sure it could have been a platform for talking about the ills of corn syrup and the use of real sugar. Overall it was a goof, a funny thing. Not everything has to be a teaching moment. Sometimes things can just be funny.

      Of course, as Pepsi they do have an opportunity however it is about the bottom line with big businesses. I personally can’t drink real soda anymore because my pancreas is evil. Although I do enjoy Boylan Grape soda which is still made with sugar.

      When will that white paper be available?

      1. Drew,

        Obviously it was not Pepsi sponsored. I just wanted more. Maybe some lead in a little more info and then you can go all crazy.

        Alas I have yet again made the mistake of coming to the internet with high expectaions only to have them dashed yet again. Oh well at least the Benspark is a shining ray of hope in an otherwise dismal landscape

        1. Andy,
          Sorry man I had you jump in on an intro to Chris Pirillo without any build up. This guy makes tons of videos daily. He’s online 24/7 and one of the biggest names online, he’s created a huge community of geek enthusiasts and this was not a video representative of his larger work. I just found it funny.

          Glad I can be that ray of hope.

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