CollegeFest 2007 – Day 2 – Outside the show

I am outside the entrance to CollegeFest 2007. I got here early because I drove fast to the T station and caught the T moments after I paid the $3.50 for parking. I certainly hope that I don’t end up getting a ticket again because I always get one at the Elliot station even though I PAY MY MONEY every single time I go there.

I jumped onto the T and put in $2.00 and sat down. The driver calls me back to tell me I only put in $1.75. I know I put in $2.00 because I counted it out this morning. So I luckily had another quarter (I have $0.25 to spare because of parking and the T, so I am glad I grabbed $0.50 more this morning). I drop in the $0.25 and the screen flashes $2.25 overpayment. I say that to the T driver he says it isn’t on his screen. I don’t argue. I take my seat and tune into my iPod.

I get to the Hynes and the Beastie Boys are driving Intergallactic through my head and I am feeling good. I’m wearing my “You, Me, Dance Off!” Shirt from Wes Molebash of You’ll Have That. I go to Au Bon Pain for a corn muffin and some milk. I’m still rocking out to Sabatoge. Then I go to get into the convention hall. The doors are open, I have a nifty press pass. The security guards stop me and tell me that I cannot get into the hall till 11:00am. Um no I have a Press pass. Still no. Fine!

So now I am right outside the hall making use of the free wireless and blogging about the experience. I don’t get to riled at people just doing their jobs I just wish that they were more knowledgeable about who can and who cannot get in to places. I am sure things are going to get much better when the folks from PayPerPost show up to get to the booth. We had tons of fun yesterday and today looks to be the same. I will again be blogging on each of my blogs and also taking and uploading photos throughout the day. I’ll be on Pownce, and Flickr and Zooomr as well. And I’ll be twittering and hopefully some more live feeds. Yesterday was way to loud. I have to figure out how to fix that.

Justin the other Postie Reporter is blogging as well. He’s got some good stuff up. And he truly lived like a rockstar yesterday. Justin was Partying like a Rockstar. He was also coving the exclusive PayPerPost stuff for CollegeFest. And Justin refers to himself int he 3rd person.