There’s a “Sticky RockStar” in my Pants!

The best quote from yesterday was, “So what you are saying is, you have a sticky RockStar in your pants.” I said this to Ashley after we found out that he got some RockStar Energy drink spilled on himself. And he could only describe it as sticky.

Postie Reporter at CollegeFest

I’m going to try and stream live again today. Here is my morning welcome.

11 thoughts on “There’s a “Sticky RockStar” in my Pants!”

  1. You are SUCH a Rockstar, Drew. I need to spend some time watching all of your videos, but from what I did see, it looked like you guys had a lot of fun!

  2. Thanks Gally and I appreciate the comments. All videos are up at I haven’t watched them so I have no idea of the quality.

  3. Lol, thanks Elizabeth. I felt the Rockstar life when I woke up this morning at 5:30 to come to work. Which was oh so fun after not getting home till close to 1:00am.

  4. Thanks, I appreciate the comments. If you would like to get a link to your website and a review of your product please use my PPP Direct link and we can work something out. Take note of my comment policy.

  5. I genuinely love the fact that about a month before you are going to be a dad for the first time, you’re out until all hours of the night with college kids and Playboy Playmates!

    Saying that Sparky is the most understanding wife in the world is an understatement! My big question is…did you ask KEN if it was ok to go play with college kids and PP’s?!?! Haa!

  6. Yes, yes, my wife is a wonderful understanding woman. And I am an old dude. Not exactly creepy old right yet but old and tired after being out late. And no I didn’t ask Ken, but since Ken doesn’t read the blog it doesn’t much matter.

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