Couple’s Ski Trip – ’04

This past weekend Allison and I went to Derek’s parents’ cottage up in Woodstock, NH. We had a blast with Derek and Michelle and Neil and Andrea. Allison and I went up on Friday -taking a well deserved day out of work. One more week on the road then home for 4 WEEKS!!!!

On Friday Allison and I took a drive up the Kancamagus Highway (watch for frost heaves). And then we had a nice dinner at Truant’s Taverne (And I got 449 Airline miles too boot, Yeah!).

Derek and Michelle arrived first on Friday night around midnight or so and then Neil and Andrea arrived after that. Allison and I were already pretty much asleep but got up to welcome everyone as they arrived.

We decided to get out on the road the next morning at 8:00am or so. Early to bed early to rise. Once the morning sun was out I was up and at ’em to get breakfast put on the table for our hungry skiers and shoppers.

Bretton Woods was awesome. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining for part of the day and the conditions were good, plus there weren’t a lot of people and lift lines were short. Despite whatever Derek says about people.

That night the six of us went to The Woodstock Station. That was a great place. We were able to have a nice conversation before the meal arrived and a live band started once we were eating. They were pretty good, a little loud, but good. Enjoy the photos. Thanks for the great weekend guys.