Crayola Meltdown

Photo-A-Day #3307

After school today I took Eva out to the garage with two canvases of Crayola crayons and melted them. Actually I took her outside, we meticulously placed the crayons onto double sided tape across the top of the canvases. The website suggests 24 crayons but we found that 25 crayons was what was needed. Luckily we have tons of spare crayons hanging around the house.

So we stick on all of the crayons then we go to the garage and I plug in the hairdryer and begin to melt the crayons. You have to hold the hair dryer up above the crayons and point it down so the melting drips will melt onto the canvas instead of completely splatter on the floor. I found that putting the canvas on an angle also helps control the splatter. But, it’s in the garage so I don’t much care. I sort of want to do all the walls in this melted crayon motif.

Eva was delighted watching the crayons melt down the canvas. We did a straight up rainbow one and then one with glitter crayons. The glitter crayons melted into tons of silver, it looks really cool. No other photos though, since this is a gift.

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