Dada is sick, Eva goes to work…

Dada is sick, Eva goes to work...
Photo-A-Day #1397

I woke up this morning at the exact moment when I should have been rolling into my seat at work. What the heck is happening? My throat was clenched and raw, my nose completely stuffed. I was knocked out in a bad way, so for the 1st time in years I had to call in sick. I then proceeded to go back to bed and sleep for another 4 hours. So I guess you can say I needed the rest.

From the looks of today’s photo I think Eva wanted to take over for me and head into work. Here are a few more photos of Eva and my tie.

Scrunchy Face

I'm done with this tie

I did read in the paper today that my high school sent over 200 students home today with flu-like symptoms. I may have picked up a strain of this last night when I saw everyone at the Distinguished Alumni Awards. It is weird, I don’t usually get sick and I certainly don’t get knocked on my butt like that. Oh well, Eva pulled it together and picked up the slack.

This past Saturday night Allison and I went down to SOTP (Speed of Thought Players) to see a comedy show. There was not comedy show but there was a couple of bands playing. I never did get to put up my photos from that night so I am adding them here now.

Bruschetta at the bar

Allison and I got some Bruschetta while we were hanging around, they may a nice little set of snacks here at SOTP. As you can see I even brought my XShot with me.

At the Bar

I brought my Xshot with me to SOTP and took a few pictures of my self with Allison at the bar.

Aerial View

An aerial view of the SOTP theater area. One of the bands was wrapping up their set.

This band was pretty decent, they did some excellent covers of stone temple pilots, pearl jam and more. They were called NewSonRising

7 thoughts on “Dada is sick, Eva goes to work…”

  1. Get well soon! There is definitely something going around…most of my staff has been sick all week. If you have the coughy flu/cold I highly recommend Mucinex. The commercials are God-awful but the stuff works…I was sick when I came back to FL after Christmas up north and I still can’t believe how quick it worked!! Just get better and keep taking those naps…they are the best medicine…that and the laughter that your daughter brings! Those pictures are too cute! I’m impressed, though not surprised, that she’s willing to fill in for you at work…if for no other reason than to keep her mama in BE!! 🙂 Miss you guys!! Be WELL!

  2. Mo,
    There is something going around, my high school had over 200 students call in or be sent home sick yesterday. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m back to work today, moving slow but doing okay.

    The hardest part about being sick is not being able to give Eva kisses. I don’t want to make her sick.

  3. Bryan,
    Thanks very much. I am feeling a bit better, yesterday’s rest helped. I’m still a bit out of it and feeling gross but back to the job.

    Glad you liked the photos. I take much inspiration from yours. They are so well done.

  4. Baba,
    I was already feeling a little sick going there but after I left I guess I got it hard. There were over 200 kids who didn’t go to school because of the flu. The school was professionally cleaned this week because of it.

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