I’m 35 and Photo-A-Day Year 5 Starts Today

35 - Photo-A-Day Year 5 Starts Today
Photo-A-Day #1462

Today is my 35th birthday. I had a decent day overall. The best part was having dinner at Red Robin with Allison, Eva and Uncle “Troopa” Mike. It was really a delicious free birthday burger that I made custom. American Cheese, Blue Cheese, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Bacon, Extra Pickles and Fry Sauce. The wait staff came by and brought me a sundae too.

My birthday song at Red Robin

I’m starting my 5th year of Photo-A-Day. I’m really excited about the year ahead of photos. Starting 1st with the upcoming Digital Days next weekend. I am looking forward to improving my skills.

22 thoughts on “I’m 35 and Photo-A-Day Year 5 Starts Today”

  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes Zac.
    Red Robin makes great burgers, you can customize them too. Where are you located that they don’t have RR near you. That is too bad.

    Just checking but when are you sending out prizes from your contest? I received word of winning via twitter on my 1st Blogs, Brews and Belly Laughs Night. If you haven’t seen my post about Blogs, Brews and Belly Laughs II I recommend you check it out, it is going to be a great night.

  2. Good deal Zac,
    I’ve traveled to nearly every state so I’ve been to pretty much every one of those places. I hit a Boston’s in Vancouver, not too bad overall. Since I am in MA I found ti funny to see a place called Boston’s in Vancouver so I had to go in of course. Not very Boston themed though.

  3. Happy (belated) birthday to you, happy (belated) birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Drew aka BenSpark….happy birthday tooo you!

  4. Lenny,
    There is another 5 Guys around. cool. I’m not up your way as much these days, I’m more in the Canton Area. That working out was very important to not feel guilty when I tossed it all away on a total birthday binge. But it was sooo good.

  5. Mo,
    Thanks so much, you are one of my longest running supporters and I’m so glad to have you checking out my pictures each day. You’ll love the ones from today, too.

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