In The Jungle

In The Jungle
Photo-A-Day #1530

Came home from work today and Eva and I played with her animals. She has a wide variety of the Fisher Price Amazing Animals. I got them for her a little at a time. Now she has a regular menagerie and I love it. These are heavy duty toys that she can bang around and enjoy the heck out of. We had so much fun making them “jump”. She loves to jump but doesn’t really do it, she flexes her knees and says “Jump”. She loves it when we jump though, that cracks her right up.

Today I posted the first in a series of what I hope to see as regular posts on the I’m Not A Famous Blogger IZEA Insider Crew Blog. I decided that rather than keep the url and just point it to my bio (as I Am Not A Famous Blogger and all) I would revamp the blog and make it a way in which I could reach out to my IZEA Insider crew members. I’m sending out invitations to be interviewed to each and every member and I hope that you enjoy reading them and learning about many interesting bloggers. The first interview is with Justin Germino aka DragonBlogger.

Today is also my parent’s anniversary. Eva and I called Mom and Dad tonight and Eva even said Happy Anniversary. It was very cute. Happy 36th Anniversary Mom and Dad.

8 thoughts on “In The Jungle”

  1. They are so cute when they learn to jump. Can’t wait to hear about Justin. I’ll have to check him out. And Happy Anniversary to the parents!
    .-= Baba´s last blog ..Aloha Friday =-.

  2. Martha,
    I try to make the games fun but also quiz her on animal names, she knows them quite well, colors she doesn’t everything is red. That is her go to color

  3. Baba,
    Check out the interview, I have another one today and I’ll be sending you one if I haven’t already, I’ll be asking every one of the crew to participate.

  4. Those heavy duty toys have luckily survived one session. In my experience they should start falling to pieces within the second encounter with any happy kid.

  5. Jeet,
    I Doubt it, those are really chunky well made toys. My daughter also banged them around pretty good, they’ll last a while longer I think.

  6. I need to get those. My biggest problem with toys is that they break rather quickly. Will have to check out if FP toys are available in malls near my place.

  7. Jeet,
    Oh it was my understanding from your previous comment that you’ve had experience with the Amazing Animals toys. I’d pick them up because they will withstand some rough play.

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