Meeting of the Minds

Meeting of the Minds
Photo-A-Day #1538

Tonight after work I went to see Transformers in IMAX at Jordan’s in Natick. Before heading to the movie I caught up with Lenny from My Secret Project. Lenny is one of the members of the “I’m not A Famous Blogger” Crew. Lenny also brought his nephew Tyler along as well. The two of them are a trip and a half. Each time we hang out it is not nearly long enough to talk. We did start talking about putting together a local blogger meetup. We need to find a good location where people can talk and they have free wi-fi.

I then went to the movie. The Jordan’s IMAX is amazing because they have the seats connected to speakers so when the action happens on the screen you feel it. They call the seats “Butt Kicker” seats and they are aptly named. Seeing Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen again and this time in IMAX was incredible. I know that it is getting tons of negative press because of the language, Skids and Mudflap and many other offensive things. For the most part I maintain the review that I wrote the other day. I read a bunch of reviews today and I think it tainted my view of the movie today or maybe it was because I already saw the movie. The things that bothered me the first time around bothered me more this time as well. The movie has no real character development and it assaults your senses the entire time so if you get emotional at any point more power to you because I was unable to feel anything for any characters even Prime, and I love Prime.

Prior to the movie I was only able to get through issues 1 and 2 of the Transformers Defiance Prequel Comic Books on my iPod. It is a really cool way to read a comic too.

On the way home I picked up tequila, margarita mix, and a few other things for tomorrow’s Jimmy Buffett concert. All the while I was on a conference call with Ted Murphy and the IZEA Insiders. I was on mute and unable to see everything that everyone else was seeing but I got the gist of it. More information about this on “I’m Not A Famous Blogger” Blog tomorrow.

Cheeseburgers in Paradise

When I got home I made some Cheeseburgers in Paradise for Jimmy Buffett tomorrow. Nilla Wafers as the buns, Keebler Fudge filled chocolate covered cookies as the burgers. I covered them with cheese (yellow frosting) Ketchup (red frosting) Pickles (green frosting) and Onions (coconut). Allison brushed the top with a sugar water and sesame seeds. Tomorrow is going to be fun and we were able to sell all of our tickets!!!

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  1. Usually when the critics hate a movie I love it and vice versa. Not sure what that says about my taste, but I personally think they are way off! Looks like you’re ready for a good time at Jimmy Buffett!

  2. Those cookie burgers are awesome – I think I might have to take some of those to izealoco next Thursday!

  3. Dina,
    I liked the movie very much the first time I saw it and the second. However, I had read the reviews before the second and I know it tainted my view of it.

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