Piratical Pin Fanatic

Piratical Pin Fanatic
Photo-A-Day #1502

I’m a fan of Disney Pin Collecting. I try to pick up one or two pins at each trip. A few trips ago I bought this “Camp Counselor” bucket hat. I wear it on each trip. The hat came with about 8 pins on it. They were generic ones for Animal Kingdom. I traded many of those ones for this set of animated characters dressed as Pirates of the Caribbean characters. They are sold as a set which I didn’t find until I had the whole set anyway from individual pin trading.

I have also picked up pins for Eva from each of our trips. There are cheaper starter packs of pins out there too so I was able to pick up a couple so that on Eva’s next trip she can do some trading. She already has no problem talking to the characters, I doubt she’d have any trouble doing pin trading with the cast members.

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