Review: Mattel Disney Princess Ariel And Her Sisters Doll Set

One of Eva’s favorite Disney movies is the Little Mermaid. There were actually a couple of Little Mermaid movies made and some feature Ariel’s sisters a little more prominently than The Little Mermaid did. Ariel actually has 4 sisters and she sings with them in The Little Mermaid movie. Now she can swim with them in your bathtub. Well, two of them at least, Alana and Arista. Where are the rest of the sisters? Why wasn’t there a set of all six sisters plus Ariel together made? I have no idea but being the completist that I am I would like to have seen this be a set of seven characters instead of three. But I’m not complaining because at least there are some other mermaids to play with besides Ariel and that is what we are talking about here, play.

These toys are cute because they are solid plastic and that makes them good for the tub. They aren’t hollow so water doesn’t fill up in them. This is a good thing especially if you ever find a toy that has been sitting in water for a LONG time. Not pretty. The mermaid tails move around and so that provides a little play action for the kids, they can pretend the mermaids are swimming around. I think that there are multiple toys in the package because I get to play with at least one of them, too.

I’ve been Eva’s tubby time buddy since she was a baby and so when she takes a tub I am usually there with her. We get to play together, make up stories and have a fun time while she is getting clean. These new Disney mermaid toys are fun and easy to play with. Plus they don’t take up a lot of room in an already crowded tub.

Apparently the color changes on the tops of the mermaids when put into cold water. We didn’t try that because the water is warm for Eva’s baths and if they did change colors I missed it because Eva tossed them right into the bath before I could do any sort of scientific sort of check. Color change tops are a fun feature but not the major selling point with these toys. These are fun toys for the tub.

Recommended age: 3+
Retail price: Approx $10.00
Manufacturer: Mattel

Disclosure: I received this toy for review purposes. The opinions about it are 100% my own. And of course I asked Eva what she thought.