Skylanders Swap Force Happy Meals

Photo-A-Day #3275

I received a box of fun McDonald’s Skylanders Swap Force Toys. There are 8 new toys from Skylanders Swap Force which includes characters like: Free Ranger, Wash Buckler, Rattle Shake, Magna Charge and Freeze Blade, Eruptor, Prism Break and a Chompie. They are pretty fun looking characters and they each have a little gimmick.

The program will be running from March 28 to April 24th. Also inside each package is a coupon for $10 off the Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Pack and $1 off a Skylanders character.

Eruptor and Prism Break both light up. Free Ranger spins like a top. Wash Buckler moves in a crazy way. The Chompie opens and closes its mouth and Rattle Shake, Freeze Blade and Magna charge have projectiles that fly out when you push on them, they are not spring loaded but rather fly when kids push on the end of the projectiles.

My favorite of the set is Rattle Shake. He looks great and even has a flying snake projectile.