Slightly More Refined

Slightly More Refined
Photo-A-Day #1275

First off, a Very Happy Anniversary to my sister Tara and her husband Erik. 5 years! Congratulations. So because of that here some bonus Photo-A-Day Images.

Interesting foliage Another look

Today was a day to accomplish things. With Allison and I both attacking the back room we were able to consolidate quite a bit. It doesn’t look it right now but we are making progress on clearing out some junk and making this a room that is both a guest room as well as an art room for Allison so that she can work on her projects and get her Etsy store up and running.

This morning I looked at all the things I have hanging around, stuff I just don’t need anymore but maybe someone else might want it. So I am going to be posting quite a bit to eBay soon. I have the 1st 27 issues of Nintendo Power Magazine to sell, some Transformers from Botcon 2003 or rather The Official Transformers Collectors Convention 2003. I have the 4 exclusives in their boxes and I also have Binatech Sideswipe because I have two of that one. I also have some technical items to sell as well. Time to get rid of some stuff.

We also put the new stove through its paces.

The new stove.

Allison made a delicious chili for dinner and also some tasty chocolate chip cookies. She even put in a few white chocolate chips for me. She used the Smart Balance 50% butter 50% Smart Balance butter and I couldn’t even tell the difference. That is saying something and it is saying something good. Believe me I had my doubts about that stuff.

This morning I decided to tell the world the origins of my loathing of that peel and eat fiend, the banana. Now that we have the DVR and HD cable and all those channels I was able to watch 80’s videos. I guess I got nostalgic for 1986.

We went for a walk tonight and saw this car with this bumper sticker.

... Film at Eleven!

It immediately made me think of The Kentucky Fried Movie. Thanks to Neil and Derek. Seeing them earlier this week for lunch was a real treat.

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