Stop My World a Moment

Stop My World for a Moment
Photo-A-Day #1838

Today Allison and Eva arrived home from their vacation to Florida. While they were away Eva spent her nights sleeping on a futon and she did pretty well with it. So it is now time for Eva to have a “Big Girl” bed. Last night I took apart her crib and converted it to just that, a “Big Girl” bed. The whole dynamic has changed.

When I came home from work Eva came running up to me and hugged me shouting, “thank you for my big girl bed!” It felt really good to come home to a welcome like that. She wanted to show me her new bed right away too. She took my hand and lead me into the room and showed me her new bed. She is so over the moon excited about it. So far she has showed everyone here except for Uncle Erik. She even showed Uncle Mike who took a really great photo of Eva the moment she discovered the new bed.

Photo Information

Date Taken: Apr 20, 2010
Camera: Nikon Corporation (Aff Link)
Model: NIKON D80 (My Flickr)
ISO: 800
Exposure: 1/15sec
Aperture: 4.8
Focal Length: 44mm
Flash Used: Yes
Mode: Aperture
Lens: Sigma 18-250mm

Uncle Mike’s photo to me had the message, “can we stop her from moving so fast?” Unfortunately, we cannot. It seems like every single day Eva shows me something more amazing. She’s talking in complete full sentences. Allison said that she talked the ear off of a woman at a restaurant today. I have no doubt that she’s going to be a talker. She loves making up stories and there are days when she is playing with her princesses where she makes up these elaborate little stories. I’m so happy that my girls are back home.

Wish us luck that she sleeps the night… This weekend we are going to hit up IKEA for some additional items for her bed. The bed is actually from IKEA. I think I have a Photo-A-Day photo from way back when I built the crib. Seems like forever ago and also seems like just yesterday.

8 thoughts on “Stop My World a Moment”

  1. It does seem like yesterday when Eva was just born, doesn’t it? Remember that country song about a guy who said he was gonna sit and clean his gun while his daughter went out on a date? That’ll be you someday (figuratively, I doubt you’d actually buy a gun and use it to shoot Eva’s suitors…although you may be tempted…LOL).

    I can see that you are enjoying every moment of Eva’s life, not missing out on a thing!
    .-= Look at what Christine wrote blog ..I have the world’s best husband! =-.

    1. Christine,

      I try to be as involved as possible but when I miss something it hurts all the more. Today the bed was exciting and new tomorrow it will be old hat. Just so fast.

  2. It really does go quickly. My son will be ten this year and my daughter is turning six. I look at them and wonder where the babies I used to hold went.
    .-= Look at what Jack wrote blog ..Blog Disappointment =-.

    1. Jack,
      Ten and six, oh man I’m not sure I can handle that. I still have some time. I just love how she is such a sweet curious wonderful little girl right now and how we can continue to cultivate that in her life.

    1. Deborah,
      I think she did get a little tan while she was there. She loved it and she loves her little, “big Girl” Bed.

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