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Playing Dots & Boxes at Uno’s

Boxes at Unos
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01483

Tonight there was a special event at Pizzeria Uno. The school was having a fundraiser there so we decided to go for dinner. We had a very nice dinner there and at the end of dinner Andy and I played the game Dots & Boxes. The point of the game is to get as many boxes by being the last person to close up a box by connecting the last two dots in a square. It is a strategy game that I’ve played many times with Andy. He’s getting to the age where he can reason much better and plan out strategies better and so it isn’t so easy to beat him. I did not beat him tonight.

So, in the game it came down to me having to make my last move and Andy would begin filling in boxes. He’s gotten really good at the game.

It was at this point Andy asked Allison if he could swear. There are occasions when he has asked if he could swear for things like stubbing his toe hard or other painful things. However, we weren’t sure where he was going with this request. Allison gave a non-committal answer that let him figure it was okay.

Andy referring to Me in a Morgan Freeman-esque voiceover: “At this point he realized that he F@#$’d Up.”

Our jaws completely dropped and we erupted in horrified laughter. I’m blaming his knowledge of swears on his formative years spent next to our horrible (former) neighbors.

Allison has learned to state “Keep it PG-13.” for the future.

He won the game in the end… Little shit.

We got home and called Mimi and Dano to wish Mimi a happy birthday. Andy proceeds to tell the story above. The COMPLETE story. And it was after this that we had a discussion that he is not to tell the story anymore. He got away with it twice. That’s that.

Building Tunnels

Photo-A-Day #3639

Andrew is growing up. He’s moving up a couple of classes in swimming and he’s moving to the next phase of play group with more structured play. Each day he is growing and changing by leaps and bounds. We played with the Hall Stars game the other day and when I rolled the balls to him he was hitting a ton of them with the hockey stick. I can’t wait for the nice weather to finally be here so that we can go to the park and play more, I’ve got to tire this kid out. He’s so high energy and just wants to explore and discover.

Thinking about Andrew getting older made me remember that I recently received a .pdf of a children’s book written by Louie Lawent. It is called Mama Don’t You Worry and you can buy it for $1.29 on Amazon.com. It is a very, very short story about a young boy who gets separated from his mother in the mall. That nearly six year old boy discovers that he may be growing up but he still needs his mom. He also remembers what he must do when he gets lost from his parents.