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With Google Chromecast if You See it, You Can Stream It!

Google Chromecast

With the ever rising cost of cable lurking and cutting into your monthly budget it is nice to know that there is an alternative for cord-cutters. With Google Chromecast you can watch movies, shows, live TV, YouTube, and photos streaming on your TV from all your family’s devices.¹ A while back we decided to get rid of a number of our physical DVDs and Blu-rays and get as much of our current media library as we could on a digital format. It was very easy to do and whenever we watch any of our movies we do so through our own digital library or on our Netflix account. Both can be streamed using the Google Chromecast device. What is even nicer is that we have Google Home and Google Home Minis in the house and through those we can simply ask Google to play whatever we’d like. That can be music, movies or even our photos.

Setting up Chromecast is easy. Plug Chromecast into the HDMI port on your TV and to power and stream your favorite entertainment right from your phone with just a tap. Watch shows, listen to playlists, and more. And while streaming, you can still use your phone as you normally do. Chromecast works with the streaming apps that you know and love. You can enjoy TV shows, movies, videos, songs, games, sports and more from over 2000 apps like Netflix, YouTube, YouTube TV, and HBO NOW. Find more at google.com/chromecast/¹. I said that because we have Google Home we can tell Google Chromecast to play whatever we want? Well, you can do that from any compatible apps and control your TV hands-free, with Chromecast and Google Home working seamlessly together.²

Another great thing about Chromecast is that it is a huge upgrade for your existing televisions without having to go out and get a new one. It is only $35 per Google Chromecast at Best Buy, so it’s so affordable you can get one for every TV in the house. It easily connects to high-definition televisions with HDMI connectivity. The Google Chromecast also has built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi connects to the Internet through your wireless home network (wireless router required and sold separately).

¹ Subscriptions are required to view some content.

² Google Home, Chromecast, and compatible content required to cast to a TV using Google Home.

Web-based services and content require high-speed Internet service. Some services may require a subscription.

Family Road Trip to New Hampshire

The Family with Groot and Rocket
Photo-A-Day #4388

Today we drove to New Hampshire. We have a Kia Sorento to drive for the week. DriveShop and Kia provided us with the car and opinions are our own. We’re staying at a timeshare for a few days and are going to explore the area. There are some really beautiful places to see.

On our way up we stopped at Double Midnight Comics. That is a comic book shop that is owned by a couple of friends from college. The kids loved the store and enjoyed getting a few things. Eva got a DC Superhero Girls book and Andrew a Trolls comic. I got a copy of Transformers #78 from the original Marvel run. I’m still missing some of them but am closer to completing the whole run.

We continued on to Lincoln, NH and there we had lunch at a Mexican place called El Charro. There were some excellent dishes there. We got stuffed silly.

It was still a bit early to go to our timeshare so we drove around a bit and saw more of the town and the surrounding scenery. We went up to the Flume and then further up to Franconia Notch, we turned back close to Cannon Mountain. We still had some time but went to Pollard Brook early and our room was ready. The kids were so thrilled to see it. They loved that there was a room for them and also a Jacuzzi tub in our room. What they wanted most of all was to go to the pool so we got changed and hit the pool for an hour. We got back tot eh room and from there I went to get some things at the supermarket. I also picked up a pizza and salad for dinner and we had a nice meal. After dinner the kids played with some LEGO sets that they had gotten for Easter while I tried to get Google Chromecast to work. This is certainly not an exact science at this point. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the network of the timeshare or what but one phone didn’t work for it and the other did. I’m going to have to play with it some more because I brought it so that we can do some movie watching at night. Allison and I watched Doctor Strange but the sound was all kaflooey that it made it not as enjoyable.